New from Peter Filkins:

Available from Oxford University Press, March 2019


“A fascinating and scrupulously researched authorized biography of Adler.”   Jewish Review of Books

“Filkins’s abundantly researched, honest book reveals Adler as a wounded, flawed human being, but also as a man gifted with inner strength, endurance, and desire to… make of his life an inextinguishable light for a world bound by darkness.”     Foreword Reviews

“Authoritative, deeply empathetic,… a well-deserved celebration of a courageous and determined public intellectual.” Kirkus Reviews

“A vivid biography… of a man who grappled with the unimaginable.”                                 Publisher’s Weekly


Filkins has done a great service by introducing to English-speaking readers an important witness to the destruction of the European Jews.” Moment Magazine

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“I cannot put this book down. I don’t want it to end. Adler’s is a world that bears inflections of Kafka, Levi, and ultimately Sebald—before, during, and after the war–a world that was always about to collapse, before, during, and after the war.  And yet, in Filkins’ telling, this is life as a nightmare one doesn’t want to shake off.” — André Aciman

“Every page of Adler’s work was written with the urgent rigor demanded by survivorship, and Peter Filkins – Adler’s English-language translator and now his world-biographer – honors that daunting mandate. His is a masterly and utterly engrossing study of one of the greatest minds to have been forged in the furnace of mid-twentieth-century Europe.” — Joshua Cohen

“A remarkable achievement based on formidable research and a comprehensive knowledge of H.G Adler’s life and work. It will finally introduce readers to a uniquely talented Holocaust survivor who merits acclaim in equal measure as a poet, novelist, essayist and historian.” — Lawrence L. Langer